Our Client Portfolio.

Our Projects

  • Shed neting Roofs over massive Delmonte factory water treatment plant
  • Various construction jobs for CARE Kenya at refugees camps Dadaab
  • Re-roofing of Iriaini tea factory (2200 m2)
  • Re-roofing of Gacharage tea factory (2700 m2)
  • Re-roofing of Kimunye tea factory & construction of boiler house (3400 m2)
  • Re-roofing of Thumaita tea factory (900 m2)
  • Re-roofing of Gathangariri tea factory (2700 m2)
  • Re-roofing of Kagwe tea factory (2100 m2)
  • Re-roofing of Mudete tea factory (1200 m2)
  • Construction of boiler chimneys for Mungania tea factory
  • Construction of boiler chimneys for Michii mikuru tea factory
  • Construction of Full gospel church building (Nyambari)
  • Construction of Full gospel church building (Githunguri)
  • Construction of Gitiha Catholic Church building  
  • Construction of Kambaa Catholic Church building  
  • Construction of Gateway PCEA church building - Ridge ways Nairobi
  • Construction of Ikuria PCEA church building
  • Rehabilitation of elevated pressed steel water tanks for CARE international Dadaab refugee camps
  • Construction of Kasarani PCEA church building
  • Masai mara 40 m span free span bridge on Tarek River

We have spanned our base all over Kenya as we assure to provide quality merchandise and expedite deliveries. With the aim to deliver absolute satisfaction to customers, we have priced our products reasonably low. This has enabled us in stretching our client base.


Some of our esteemed client’s are

  • Kikuyu Catholic church
  • CARE Kenya
  • Iriaini tea factory
  • Gacharage tea factory
  • Kimunye tea factory
  • Thumaita tea factory
  • Rukuriri tea factory
  • Gathangariri tea factory
  • Kagwe tea factory
  • Mudete tea factory
  • Mungania tea factory
  • Michii mikuru tea factory
  • Gospel church Nyambari
  • Gospel church Githunguri
  • Gitiha Catholic Church
  • Kambaa Catholic Church 
  • Gateway PCEA church - Ridge ways
  • Ikuria PCEA church 
  • CARE international Kenya, Dadaab refugee camps
  • Kasarani PCEA church
  • consultants Aba & Wandu

Riggers also has a social responsibilities which are aimed in welfare of the workers and other people engaged with the company & It believes in constant growth along with the company.  It is because of the team work, Riggers and Fabricators Ltd has made it possible to be able to remove the minimum order quantity obligation & accept & execute the material in time.


The quest for excellence at works at Riggers and Fabricators Ltd is not just a process, but a way of life. A determination to move up the value chain in process, products and performance. Work at Riggers and Fabricators Ltd is being acknowledged for its excellence.


Always emphasizing on improvement of quality & always improving the planning method in all areas to deliver the product with in the shortest possible period of time with the finest quality.



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Sales Services

Riggers & fabricators limited offers raw material sales to all customers, including private consumers, in stock lengths or cut to your requirements.  we are well stocked with most general items and if we happen to not have what you need, we can get it on short notice.

Portal Facilities for hire

We have a state of  art equipment consisting of  Drills, Drill Press flame & Plasma Cutting Service truck c/w portable welding machine..etc


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